“Untitled (Scaly Pholiota)”
Framed print in art glass by Adam Whyte
Edition 1 of 1

Archival inkjet print.
Size 23in X 30in framed.
Certificate of Authenticity signed by Adam Whyte & Well Advised Studio.

This print comes from the book In Search Of Fungi, a collection of photographs taken by photographer and mushroom forager, Adam Whyte. The series documents his forrays into the wilderness north of New York City between the years 2021 and 2022.


“In Search of Fungi is, above all else, a love letter to the whimsical and ethereal world of mushrooms. Organized almost like a personal field book, these photographs document my foraging walks throughout New York’s Hudson Valley and New York City regions in 2021.

Rather than claiming to be a guide or any scientific document on foraging, these photographs and accompanying text serve as an introduction and enthusiastic exploration of the endless array of personalities growing in our local forests and meadows, our city parks and suburban lawns—a mycological foray that lends a glimpse into otherworldly forms and color far beyond the white buttons and creminis found on supermarket shelves.

I wanted to capture these eccentric characters in their natural setting, as opposed to shooting studio still lifes with my foraged finds. Most images in the book, however, avoid the use of natural, outdoor light–reflecting that mushrooms don’t photosynthesize or rely on sunlight. I opted to use different methods of artificial lighting throughout the book’s images to create a world that felt just as uncanny as the subjects themselves.

I invite you to get lost in the world of mushrooms and foraging, not only in the following pages, but in your own city parks or local forests (temperature and rainfall permitting)! Grab a regional mushroom field guide and remember to stay informed on best foraging practices and enjoy immersing yourself in a truly unique hobby and culture. And maybe, unlike myself this past season, you’ll happen to come across some elusive morel mushrooms... or other striking species along the way! Happy hunting.”